Help to build Hare Krishna Temple

You have a unique opportunity to help build temple in Ukraine ISKCON

As of today, by a joint effort of devotees from Khmelnytsky region, a frame, a roof, and windows of a temple are already built and set. The construction lasts for three years according to the wishes of ISKCON leaders in Ukraine. The devotees of Khmelnytsky Yatra have been gathering money for the temple building within 20 years, and now they are running out of funds. Due to the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, at present it’s quite hard to attract new funds for the temple construction. Therefore, we appeal to all people who have the wish and possibility to help devotees from Khmelnytsky Yatra to complete the temple building. Even your smallest donation will have a positive impact on construction. Without your donations we have no chances to finish the building of a temple as we came to an end of all our funds necessary to finish construction works.

35% complete

35% is completed entirely on citizens initiative. But the building is being build for about 3 years and we need help to finish the project.

Vedic education centre

All visitors are welcome to pass the advanced course of Vedic Philosophy and Practice (Vaisnava-siddhantha, Bhakti-sastra, basic Vedic writings study), Vedic disciplines work-shops and seminars (Vegetarian Cuisine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychology etc)

Perfect place for preaching

The new temple will be the place where millions maha-mantras, thousands prasadam pieces and hundreds of books will be distibuted.

Temple is our dear home

Our temple will become a place where thousands homesick souls will get back their happiness.

"Our tendency to construct great buildings should be used only for constructing large and valuable temples in which to install the Deity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then our desire for construction will be fulfilled." - Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 8.1.10, purport by Srila Prabhupada

They build the temple

  • 4.01 Matveychuk A. 50 grn.
  • 4.03 Paliy V. 100 grn.
  • 4.03 Inkognito 1000 grn.
  • 5.01 Sivko D. 100 grn.
  • 07.01 Posmityuh V. 100 grn.
  • 17.01 Vilasini d.d. 200 grn.
  • 14.02 Vakulyak A. 200 grn.
  • 20.01 Sivko D. 100 grn.
  • 24.01 Incognito 1000 grn.
  • 24.01 Kobyilko E. 400 grn.
  • 24.01 Ekavrata d. 100 grn.
  • 24.01 Vanadevi d. 50 grn.
  • 24.01 Ledenev V. 200 grn.
  • 31.01 Paliy V. 100 grn.
  • 07.02 Vanadevi d. 100 grn.
  • 07.02 Incognito 3000 grn.
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